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When Shadows Rise Again!


They say a cat has nine lives. You may have 999. But will that be enough…when shadows rise again?

Welcome to online home of the D13™ horror role-playing game by Lester Smith, designer of the D6xD6™ RPG, the Dark Conspiracy RPG, and the Dragon Dice game, among others.

This site started as an idea to develop a roleplaying game one chapter at a time online. For now, however, other projects have taken precedence. Nonetheless, the first five chapters are finished and chapter six is days away from final. Further chapters have been blocked out, and the end of the book is a light in the near distance.

Until I can again devote full attention to the project, this site serves as an archive of initial ideas and an introduction to the d13™ concept. Poke around. See what you think. Once the game is finished, the site will get a total overhaul. But for now, it’s a shadowed stop along the path to a dark and deadly destination. Rest a bit. What’s coming up will take all your courage to face.


—Lester Smith