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When Shadows Rise Again!

0. Working TOC

I. Book of Beginnings (Cover)
     Introductory Myth (poem)
     Dice Mechanics Overview
     Character Creation (Stepwise, with tables)
II. Book of the Flesh (Cover)
     Introduction (Poem)
     Physical skills
     Physical gear
III. Book of the Mind (Cover)
     Introduction (Poem)
     Mental skills
     Mental gear
     Psychic skills
     Psychic gear
     Roleplaying psychic abilities
IV. Book of Conflict (Cover)
     Introduction (Poem)
     Fear and Loathing
     Physical combat
          Movement and melee
          Ranged attacks
          Special Attacks (Grenades, poisons.)
          Vehicle combat
     Psychic combat
     Suffering and Dying
V. Book of Mysteries (Cover)
     Introduction (Poem)
     Game mastering WSR overview
          Horror, Humor, Timing, etc.
     Making and roleplaying “monsters”
          Sample Monsters
     Making adventures
          Sample Adventure 1 (Grendel)
          Sample Adventure 2 (Something in the Water)
          Sample Adventure 3 (Terror from the Stars)
     Running campaigns
     Reference Tables
VI. Book of Light 
     (Advertisement for online resources and supplementary products)
     Official adventures, Official fiction, Fan adventures, Fan fiction, 
          Message board, chat, online play.